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    Science & Pipeline

    Chemical Drug

  2. Whave combined multidisciplinary approaches in establishing an innovative drug development platform to create medicines to satisfy unmet medical needs and improve the quality of human life.


    Circadian Regulation

    The circadian clock is an intrinsic timing system driving the daily rhythm of multiple systems including the sleep/wake cycle, metabolism and immune responsivenessWorking schedules against the circadian clock are associated with health problems such as obesity, cardiac disease, cancer and neurodegenerative disease.

    There are high demands to regulate the clockmore than a billion people travel across time zones every year; approximately 20% of the working population are on shift schedulesclock problems in the aging populationEffective treatments for these conditions are limitedWhave taken a new approach to create circadian regulation drugs

    Drug for Sleep Regulation

    It is a long lasting challenges as how to fall into sleep effectively and how to keep a clear head when it is required. The prevalence rate of sleep problem in the general population has been estimated to as low as 5% to as high as 50%. There is a huge demand for sleep regulation drugs. 

    The existing treatment methods have numerous problematic side effects. With our mission to be Great Science for Human Health, we have set up an innovative in vitro sleep analysis platform. Whave established a new platform to develop new drugs for better sleep and better life.

  3. Chemical Drug